III International Convention on Quality CUBA 2022

at the Plaza América Conference and Business Center, Varadero Beach



October 4 to 7


Quality for sustainable development 

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The National Bureau of Standards (NC) of the Ministry of Science, Technology and the Environment (CITMA) invites you to participate in the III International Convention on Quality, to be held on October 4 to 7 at the Plaza America Conference and Business Center in Varadero Beach, Cuba in face-to-face and virtual modalities.

The Convention is addressed to executives, specialists, businesspersons, academics, manufacturers, importers, marketers, technicians and any staff engaged in quality management, food safety, risk analysis and metrology as part of the quality infrastructure, as well as in production and service sectors and SMEs.

Among the topics of the Convention are:
 Impact of quality and safety on trade  Quality in production, service and SMEs  Resilience and sustainability of tourist services  Knowledge, innovation and quality in education  Healthcare and the biopharmaceutical industry  The food chain  Renewable energy; and Standardization, Digitalization and Industry 4.0.

What will you find in the Convention?

11th International Symposium on Quality

3rd International Symposium on Food Quality and Safety

1st Workshop on Quality in Production, Services and the SMEs


ISO 9001:2015

Del 10 al 14 de Octubre

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Keynote Lecturers

      Sergio Mujica

      Secretario General de la ISO

      Osvaldo Petroni
      Presidente de COPANT

      Elena Santiago Cid
      Directora General de CEN/CENELEC  

      Javier García Díaz
      Director General Asociación Española de Normalización, UNE

      Sergio Toro
      Director Ejecutivo del Instituto Nacional de Normalización, INN  

      Rosario Uria
      Directora de Normalización del Instituto Nacional de Calidad, INACAL

      Tian Shihong

      Vice Minister of SAMR  and Administrator of SAC

      Leopoldo Colombo
      Director Ejecutivo QARA Consulting and Training

      Nancy Fernández Rodríguez
      Directora de la Oficina de Normalización

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      Pre-conference courses
      October 3
      October 4 to 7

      Associated Virtual Exhibition
      October 4 to 7

      Curso Post Evento
      Del 10 al 14 de octubre

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